Visibility for Virtual and Cloud Networks

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Visibility Gap

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Blind Spots = Danger

Learn how to combat them: Security Delivery Platforms for Dummies.

Warning: Low Visibility

75 percent of organizations need better network visibility.

Select the GigaVUE visibility product for you.

GigaVUE-VM for VMware provides pervasive visibility into VMware workloads, with flexible deployment options for both VMware ESX and NSX.

In a multi-tenant, OpenStack/KVM-powered private cloud, in which tenant isolation is critical, GigaVUE-VM for OpenStack extends visibility into one tenant's workload without impacting others.

The Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS provides cloud-native network visibility into AWS public clouds.

Select the GigaVUE visibility product for you
Eliminate traffic blind spots – even in the cloud

Eliminate traffic blind spots – even in the cloud.

Gigamon provides pervasive visibility and intelligent filtering technology that allows virtual machine (VM) and public cloud (AWS) network traffic to be selected, forwarded and delivered to your existing security and monitoring tools, regardless of their location. Gigamon visibility solutions eliminate traffic blind spots and expose threats propagating in enterprise private clouds, public clouds and service provider NFV deployments.

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Pervasive Visibility in AWS

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Visibility Platform for AWS

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Pervasive Visibility into VMware Workloads

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Pervasive Visibility into OpenStack Clouds

Traffic Intelligence: GigaSMART

Extend the intelligence and value of GigaVUE visibility nodes.

Centralized Management

Single pane-of-glass management with GigaVUE-FM.

Deliver Security with GigaSECURE

Fight cybercrime with the Gigamon Security Delivery Platform.

Gigamon Visibility Platform for AWS

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