Centralized management of our Visibility Platform

GigaVUE-Fabric Manager, or GigaVUE-FM, delivers single-pane-of-glass management and monitoring of all the physical and virtual nodes across your network, with an easy-to-use wizard for traffic policy configuration, end-to-end topology visualization and summary dashboards. Available as a hardware or a (software-only) virtual appliance, each GigaVUE-FM instance can manage hundreds of visibility nodes across multiple locations.


SDV: A New Paradigm for IT

Software-Defined Visibility empowers IT with increased agility, productivity and security.

Use Cases for GigaVUE-FM

Use cases for GigaVUE-FM

Network Operations: configure, direct and control traffic from a distributed network to the relevant monitoring and analysis tools

Network Security: detect, react and respond to emerging threats using packet- or flow-based traffic analysis

Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC): automatically monitor and secure virtual workload traffic with ease

SecOps and NetOps: identify, monitor and troubleshoot traffic hot spots

GigaVUE-FM: enabling software-defined visibility

With increasing demands for more agility, automation and security across the IT infrastructure, you need a solution that helps you automatically detect and mitigate threats and integrates into your existing network and security environment. GigaVUE-FM, the orchestration component of the Gigamon Visibility Platform, provides this essential capability. It enables Software-Defined Visibility by supporting programmable interfaces using REST APIs to provision and manage the network traffic and data accessed by the visibility nodes within your network. These APIs can be used by traffic monitoring tools (security, NPM, APM), IT operations management and SDN controllers to:

  • Program the traffic policies to enable closed loop monitoring by responding to new threat patterns: e.g. decrypt SSL/TLS, generate NetFlow, or even drop traffic in inline mode if malware is detected
  • Discover and collect inventory information of the Visibility Platform to be used for capacity planning or configuration management database (CMDB) analysis
  • Update traffic flows in the Visibility Platform based on network traffic re-direction

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Product Brief

Product Brief


Data Sheet

Data Sheet


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GigaVUE-FM Rest API User's Guide



Software-Defined Visibility (SDV) - Automated Visibility Platform from Gigamon

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