NetFlow and Metadata Generation

Flow Data: Gain Insights. Take Action.

Faster network, slower tools.

As chipset capacity increases, security and monitoring tools are being forced to process more and more data, which overloads the tools. The solution? Metadata

What is Metadata?

Metadata is data about data that describes and summarizes information about your raw network packets (based on Layer-4 and Layer-7 information), such as: 

  • Summary statistic information about network traffic flows
  • Critical details about the flow (5-tuple, protocol information)
  • Application-level insights based on Layer-7 traffic information to enable successful analysis across on-premise and public cloud infrastructures.

The Gigamon Metadata Generation capability includes NetFlow, a network protocol that is used to collect statistics on IP traffic information such as IP source, destination of traffic, class of service, causes of congestion, etc. NetFlow is a specific, standard form of metadata that provides visibility into traffic types and usage patterns across systems, enabling enterprises to catch denial of service attacks, data extraction, and other events that represent a security risk.

Gigamon has also extended Netflow Generation to include IPFIX, enabling application-specific extensions, as well as standard traffic information across on-premises and public cloud environments.

By offloading metadata generation to the Gigamon Visibility Platform, enterprises can leverage their valuable production network tools more efficiently - reduce the noise and only send useful data to them.

NetFlow and Metadata Generation

Metadata and NetFlow Generation Benefits

  • Better security efficacy by extracting essential information thus reducing the amount of data that security tools will consume
  • Faster time to detect by analyzing metadata versus raw packet streams
  • Overcome limited reach of security tools that may not have access to all the valuable information in the network by sending them summary information
  • Separate signal from noise and help reduce false positives by the tools

Take a Test Drive

Our AWS Test Drive allows you to:

  • Analyze traffic for anomalous activity
  • Acquire network traffic and apply traffic intelligence
  • Deliver optimized traffic to the right tools

With the Gigamon solution, you can optimize costs with up to 100% visibility for security.

Metadata generation: one of many GigaSMART features

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