Visibility your way

GigaVUE-OS on a White Box, powered by GigaVUE-OS®, extends the Gigamon Visibility Platform to open networking environments and select third-party white box hardware from QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology). Pervasive visibility can now be expanded for cloud operators and hosting providers, laying the foundation for Software-Defined Visibility, while addressing the economics of the operator’s budget.

GigaVUE-OS on a White Box

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Market-leading GigaVUE-OS visibility software extended to QCT’s white box.

Monitor and optimize traffic your way

A monitoring approach that provides the scale, intelligence, economics and richness of visibility to every rack in a large data center is becoming more and more critical. By abstracting software from the underlying hardware, the traffic intelligence of GigaVUE-OS on a White Box applies sophisticated Flow Mapping® and egress filters to optimize traffic flow, forwarding traffic of interest to GigaVUE H Series products. Additional Flow Mapping and traffic intelligence through GigaSMART® can then be applied to the aggregated traffic. GigaVUE-FM provides centralized management, control and programmable APIs for Software-Defined Visibility. Optional clustering allows full end-to-end traffic mapping and seamless integration with the GigaVUE H Series and GigaSMART®. Compatibility with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) Boot Loader allows use of a common white box platform for multiple operating systems, each specialized in different functions: switching, visibility, and more.

Product Brief

Product Brief

GigaVUE-OS on a White Box.

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Flow Mapping® - Granular Filtering and Forwarding.

Network TAPs

Broad, reliable access to 100% of the traffic on your network.

Traffic Aggregators

A step toward pervasive visibility: aggregate and optimize network traffic.

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High-performance, modular, extensible — the foundation of our Visibility Platform.

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Get pervasive visibility across your public, private and hybrid clouds.