Gigamon Community MVP Program

The Gigamon MVP Program recognizes exceptional members for their contribution to the Gigamon Community.

About the Program

Gigamon MVPs help thousands of customers and users thrive by sharing their knowledge, expertise and passion within the Gigamon Community via discussion forums, group posts, blogs and other content, and participate in events like Meetups and conferences.

MVP status is awarded for a one-year period with renewals based on activity and community contributions. New MVP classes will be welcomed every six months. Anyone can nominate an MVP during the twice-yearly nomination period. We are not currently accepting nominations. Please check back in mid-2020 for nominations to re-open.


How Nominations Work

Since Gigamon Community members are always doing something innovative and impressive, we don’t follow a specific checklist. That said, there are a few guiding principles that determine eligibility:

  • We award MVPs who consistently share knowledge and expertise with Community members and with us.
  • We award based on the member’s individual contributions, completely independent of where they work.
  • Nominees must have been active in the community for at least six months to be considered for MVP status.

 Nomination process:

  1. Any community member or Gigamon employee can make a nomination.
  2. After nominations close, a diverse team of internal stakeholders review nominations together. This global team includes, Gigamon Global Support and Services, Gigamon Product Marketing and more.
  3. We create the final list of MVPs to be awarded.
  4. New MVPs are notified and asked for a personal statement to confirm their interest in participating in the program.
  5. Gigamon will then make the official announcement.

MVP Benefits

  • Provide feedback, comments and ideas to help shape product roadmap and company direction
  • Receive early access to software, hardware and beta programs
  • Invitation to join the Gigamon Customer Council (customers only)
  • Attend meetings with product teams, executives and marketing
  • Receive a unique Gigamon MVP garment
  • Present at Gigamon events and webinars, write blogs