Network TAPs: Visibility Made Easy

Learn how this workhorse of networking gives you broad, pervasive visibility

Network TAPS First Step to Visibility

The Building Blocks of Visibility

Simply put, network Test Access Points, or TAPs, are hardware components that connect into the cabling infrastructure to copy packets for monitoring purposes.

These hardworking devices provide the most effective way to copy actual traffic running across a system, so you can better monitor, secure and analyze your infrastructure. Read our whitepaper and discover the full breadth of TAPs capabilities:

  • Why TAPs are preferred over SPAN ports
  • Understand the difference between passive and active TAPs, and when to use each
  • Learn best practices and why a TAP-ALL strategy is most commonly adopted
  • Discover other types of TAPs, including standalone, embedded and aggregation

You’ll also get best practices and learn why it’s even more effective to connect TAPs to the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric™. Put this tried-and-true visibility device to work for you today.

See Why Network TAPs Belong in Your Network. Download Today.

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