Rapid Response, Better Analysis and Cost Savings

Why metadata offers a clear advantage over full packet captures

Improve Efficiency and Investigation

It’s a make-or-break moment for security teams: How fast you can detect, respond to and analyze anomalies in traffic. There are two schools of thought on how best to do this, but one offers clear advantages.

Read this new whitepaper and learn why metadata capture comes out on top over packet captures (PCAPs). Metadata:

  • Improves efficiency by minimizing the volume of data needed to search through
  • Reduces time to detect suspicious activity or anomalies
  • Offers quick visibility to entry point and movement of threats
  • Saves time because you extract only the information needed to investigate
  • Requires lower skillset complexity, saving substantially on costs

For anyone in the race to detect and respond, it isn’t a choice whether to use PCAPs or metadata capture. Metadata is a must-have security practice that allows analysts to parse through more devices, more communications and more data in less time.

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