A Look Inside Financially Motivated Attacks and the Active FIN8 Threat Group

Surviving the Onslaught of Financially Motivated Attacks

Threat actors, especially the organized groups that seek financial gain, are humans operating a business, and a profitable one at that. As proprietors of a profitable business, financial threat actors are both motivated and constrained by the same forces that affect any business: initial investment, resiliency, risk and reward.

As the security industry continues to see a rise of breaches associated with these threat groups it becomes increasingly important for cybersecurity and incident response teams to understand their motives, objectives and operations. Find out how to minimize the risks to your network with the latest report by Gigamon Applied Threat Research.

  • Get a detailed view into the inner workings of financially motivated (i.e., for-profit) threat actor groups, including their preferred tactics and tools.
  • Empower incident response teams with the required knowledge needed to broadly improve visibility into these threats and expedite rapid detection and response.
  • Visit FIN8, a financially motivated threat group that falls into this category. The group continues to operate and evolve in subtle ways to meet their objectives.

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