SANS Report: Network Architecture with Security in Mind

Network Architecture with Security in Mind

Learn how NetOps and SecOps can Align

As networks evolve, NetOps and SecOps teams struggle to maintain visibility and ensure the right traffic is sent to the right security tools.

Download this SANS white paper, “Network Architecture with Security in Mind” to learn more about how NetOps and SecOps teams can work together to improve the security posture of your organization and scale security as you upgrade networks. 

You’ll learn:

  •  Common security pain points for networks with legacy architecture
  •  How a lack of security can affect network availability and performance
  •  How to get the right data to the right tools and the right access to the right people
  •  Security-first networking in action case studies

Read the insights from SANS to see how your networking and security teams can collaborate to solve for network performance without compromising security. 

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