Find Hidden Threats, Don’t Buy New Tools


ESG research brief

Use Distributed Data Services to Improve Visibility Without Increasing Staff or Tools

With a newly remote workforce, dissolving network borders and IT teams left to do more with less, the idea of gaining security and visibility without buying new tools is certainly appealing. 

As a new ESG research brief explains, using an architectural approach to implement a common distributed data services layer does just this, plus it offers benefits that help reduce costs, mitigate risk and improve efficiency: 

  • Collect, process and distribute information to the right security and network tools
  • Leverage the right data to respond to attacks quickly and efficiently
  • Use a single approach and data set to detect threats
  • Expand visibility without the cost of additional security and monitoring tools

In a networking landscape that changes daily, distributed data services ticks all the boxes so you can quickly adapt. You’ll give customers and employees a better digital experience and ensure visibility and security without additional costs.

Help Me Find Threats Without Buying New Tools

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