[Ep.3] Zero Trust for the Cloud Era: New Use Case Insights

Date: January 26, 2022
Location: Virtual

Zero trust is increasingly a guiding principle for modern cybersecurity programs. With an ESG survey finding that for 51% of enterprise respondents it’s the top driver of adopting zero trust - ahead of reducing the number of cybersecurity incidents and supporting Digital Transformation - there’s no denying that zero trust is now central to cybersecurity modernization. You may ask: ‘Weren’t organizations starting to implement zero trust before the pandemic?’ While that’s certainly true, the leap in adoption of cloud services since March 2020, and the increased dependency on cloud infrastructure, has undoubtedly changed the game. As a result, it’s time to both reexamine zero trust’s applicability for securing growing cloud footprints and increase your knowledge of new zero trust use cases. In episode 3 Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst at ESG, is teaching organizations how to apply zero trust in new cloud infrastructures and why it’s so critical today.