Gigamon Bootcamp: Practical Advice for Inline and Out-of-Band Decryption

Date: June 21, 2024
Location: Virtual

Use of encryption for network traffic continues to rise, for both good and bad. Today over 85% of malware relies on encryption to hide in plain sight. The need to decrypt and inspect traffic is easy to see and is recommended by The NSA. Deploying actual decryption in a cost-effective and scalable way while meeting privacy and compliance requirements might not have been easy. However, it doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive.

Gigamon TLS/SSL Decryption offers a centralized, high-performance solution that improves existing security tools by decrypting traffic once and inspecting it many times. Decrypting traffic exiting the network enables command and control detection, preventing data exfiltration and strengthening the company’s compliance stance. By being able to selectively choose what traffic to decrypt and what not to, it becomes possible to engage the right tools to enhance the security posture effectively.

This webinar is designed to equip security and network architects with knowledge of current decryption trends, known challenges, and recommended solutions by demonstrating real-world use cases.