The Information Must Get Through: Vela Trading Optimizes, Secures High-Speed Traffic


“When you oversee a network that processes more than 80 Gb per second, it’s important to identify issues related to bandwidth and latency right away, and Gigamon is a crucial partner in this.”

Micah Kroeze • Vice President of Infrastructure and Technology • Vela Trading


  • Direct losses for financial services clients if market information delayed
  • Free flow of market information must be continuous with maximum delivery speed
  • Protect sensitive financial data from threats


  • Gigamon Visibility Platform delivers granular visibility into data flows
  • Routes appropriate traffic to critical security tools, including Above Security’s ArkAngel Managed Security platform, and Magna™ behavioral analytics from Palo Alto Networks


  • Visibility allows Vela to optimize routing and pinpoint potential issues as they arise
  • Better monitoring of threats, protecting sensitive data and maintaining system availability

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