When Maryland’s Audit Requirements Changed, Beacon Health Options Was Ready

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“Today, everyone refers to Gigamon as the central decryption appliance. That’s it’s primary function.”

Ralph Nerette • Manager of Network Services • Beacon Health Options


  • Must meet State of Maryland audit requirements for decrypting inline SSL traffic
  • Tool-level SSL decryption strains network tools, slows response times and drives up costs
  • Network topography made it difficult to test new tool upgrades on the fly


  • Inline GigaVUE-HC2 appliance distributes decrypted SSL traffic to multiple tools for inspection
  • Gigamon Visibility Platform serves as network testbed for evaluating tool upgrades


  • Meets state audit requirements by reliably decrypting SSL traffic
  • Removes unnecessary burdens from network tools, speeds response times and saves money
  • Allows changes to the network without disrupting operations

SSL decryption can protect your data without impacting tool performance.

Find out how.