Deep Observability for Zero Trust

Learn why deep observability is a fundamental tenet for a Zero Trust architecture

Deep Observability:
We’ve Got Zero Trust Covered

In a world where the workforce is shifting towards a “work anywhere, work anytime” model, moving toward a Zero Trust architecture simply makes sense.

The bedrock tenet of Zero Trust is to remove any implicit trust in your network. This means moving from perimeter-based controls to distributed controls across the network and your hybrid-cloud environment.

Gaining deep observability into all information in motion on the network is critical to supporting a comprehensive Zero Trust strategy, as clearly documented in the NIST Special Publication 800-207, Section 3.4.1, Subsection 3.


U.S. DoD Adopts Gigamon for Zero Trust

Zero Trust Survey

76% of respondents said it would be unwise not to consider Zero Trust given the increasing attack surface.

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