The Never-Ending Threat

The Threat That Keeps on Giving

Your enterprise is only as strong as its weakest link. And a quarter of the time that link is a human, like Dave. Unintentional and accidental actions are the leading cause of data and security breaches. Dave doesn’t mean to be a threat, he’s just a person going about his day. Dave has good intentions and he'd know a scam if he saw one, even if his password is 12345. But when it comes to his personal devices, Dave is predictably. unpredictable.

So in honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness month, here are four ways to protect your network from Dave:

  1. Monitor: Leverage network data to gain visibility of all devices on your network, including the ones that aren’t supposed to be there
  2. Decrypt: Use SSL/TLS interception to ensure that your critical tools can see everything coming in and out of your network
  3. Detect: Pinpoint suspicious activity in your network traffic with an intuitive tool like Gigamon Insight
  4. Respond: Have a plan in place for how you’ll respond to any alarming activity and put it into action

Learn more about Gigamon Insight today or check back for weekly NSCAM blog posts.

NCSAM - Don't be like Dave

How to Protect Yourself from Dave

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Is Dave a Superhero in Disguise?

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