Strengthen Your Network’s Immune System

Learn how the Gigamon Insight™ solution helps you detect and respond faster to security threats.

Accelerate Your Healthcare Organization’s Network Detection and Response

Networks within healthcare organizations extend to disparate sites, systems and devices with varying security and compliance requirements. This can create blind spots in your network.

Gigamon Insight is a cloud-based network threat detection and response solution that helps you identify blind spots and detect, hunt and investigate threats across your entire network.

  • Focus your teams on threats, not tools, with plug-and-play deployment and zero maintenance sensors
  • Aggregate, understand and act on network data through a single interface designed by responders, for responders
  • Quickly triage alerts and other intelligence to direct efficient response with recommended next steps


Effective Response Ensures Effective Security

Empower healthcare focused security teams with Network Detection & Response.


Gigamon ATR

See how we help protect customer environments through Applied Threat Research.


Best Practices for Healthcare Digital Transformation

Transform your security efforts and increase effectiveness of your cyber security defense.

Securing Medical Devices

Learn how the Insight solution supports your quest to keep medical devices safe.


Ensure Your Network Security and Threat Detection is Operating at Peak Health

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