The Evidence Is Conclusive.

The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric is THE choice for managing and securing your network traffic.

Proven ROI, Independently Validated

After a rigorous independent review, leading analyst firm ESG validates that companies who adopt the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric receive tangible ROI.

Just look at the findings:

  • 75% increase in network data visibility
  • 100% increase in NetFlow performance
  • 50% reduction of hardware and tooling costs
  • 50% reduction of security personnel
  • 70% reduction of false positives

Learn how the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric helps you optimize your network monitoring and security tools, reduce overall operational complexity, and deliver stronger business outcomes.



Raise your SIEMs IQ while improving
their ROI.

ESG EVV Report

ESG Economic Validation

Learn four business-critical benefits customers receive after adopting the Gigamon Visibility Fabric.



Guide to finding savings with solutions that pay for themselves in months.

Customers Have Saved Millions

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