Don’t miss an opportunity.
Don’t miss a threat.


This digital economy is a labyrinth of complexity. It has become increasingly difficult to navigate. Twists and turns of inefficiencies, blind spots and bottlenecks. Our visibility and analytics fabric illuminates every corner of your network, enabling you to solve for critical security and performance needs. So you can run fast, stay secure, and innovate.


Three Ways to Mitigate Business Risk:

  • Eliminate blind spots
  • Secure the cloud
  • Accelerate response time

Optimize and Secure your Hybrid Network

  • Use the cloud to accelerate digital transformation
  • Re-evaluate security
  • Support continued change

The timeline for digital transformation has been dramatically shortened.

We'll help you navigate the new tomorrow for your business.

Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric

Built for today's hybrid infrastructures, the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric provides a unified visibility architecture across physical, virtual and cloud environments. It's scalable, smart and pervasive, enabling your team to do more, faster.

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What if your hybrid infrastructure could run fast and stay secure, so you can drive innovation? You can't secure what you can’t see. Gigamon can help.

Get market-leading network visibility and analytics to solve your critical performance and security needs. Request a 20-minute demo, with no obligation, to see for yourself how you can:

  • Get answers in seconds about all information-in-motion across your physical, cloud, virtual and container infrastructure
  • Achieve Layer 4–7 application-level visibility and flow control
  • Gain up to 4X increase in network and security tool capacity
  • Upgrade and deploy new tools in minutes, rather than days or weeks

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