Visibility Platform for Microsoft Azure

Gain network traffic visibility to mission-critical workloads in Azure.

Technology Preview at Ignite

Watch Sesh Sayani, Director of Product Management, present in the Microsoft Ignite breakout session
“Monitoring, Diagnosing and Debugging with Azure Networking."

Extend your security posture to Microsoft Azure

The Gigamon Visibility Platform for Microsoft Azure is a cloud-native network traffic visibility solution that enables enterprises to extend their security posture to Azure, assuring compliance and accelerating the time to detect threats to mission-critical applications. Based on the shared responsibility model, security of the data and applications running in the public cloud along with organizational/regulatory compliance rests on IT/cloud/security architects, who must ensure that workloads are being deployed securely by everyone within the organization.

The Gigamon Visibility Platform now extends into the Microsoft Azure infrastructure to ensure that data-in-motion entering, traversing or leaving Azure can be protected and monitored by Security Operations Centers.

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Product Brief

Extend your security posture to Microsoft Azure with the Gigamon Visibility Platform.

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Pervasive visibility for your public cloud workloads.