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Managing your network daily to ensure constant availability is daunting. Networks are getting faster, data volumes are growing and users and apps are everywhere, which makes monitoring and managing difficult. How are you supposed to drive Digital Transformation? What if you could ensure network uptime while gaining visibility into your data-in-motion across physical, virtual and cloud environments?

Gain visibility across all networks, tiers and applications — while getting intelligence across your complex structures of applications. Gigamon solutions can radically improve the effectiveness of your entire network ecosystem. Ready to learn how?



*Enterprise Management Associates:  Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers: Defining the Future of Network Visibility Fabrics, August 2018

More than half of malware is now hiding in encrypted traffic and on top of that, decryption itself can overwhelm security tools and create blind spots in your network. How are you supposed to defend your digital enterprise if you can’t see what you need to secure? What if you could add new tools to your network while ensuring they are free to focus on what matters – detecting and mitigating threats?

Encrypted traffic is an attack vector. Gigamon provides complete visibility into your traffic by quickly exposing encrypted attacks, hidden command and control channels, malware and unauthorized data exfiltration exploits while accelerating detection and response times.



*CyberEdge Group: 2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report, 2018

Although Cloud platforms secure both environments and hypervisors, the security of the applications that you migrate into the cloud is still your responsibility.

With the Gigamon pervasive visibility solution, you can extend your security posture to the public cloud, accelerate the time to detect threats to applications and take advantage of a reliable, scalable and available cloud environment.



*Enterprise Management Associates:  Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers: Defining the Future of Network Visibility Fabrics, August 2018

Isn’t it time to finally get ahead of monitoring the exponential growth in your subscriber and enterprise customers’ network traffic and data? With purpose-built Service Provider solutions, gain visibility into user activity at scale so you can reduce churn and drive subscriber growth, both now and into the future.

Get better monitoring at reduced costs, increase average profitability per subscriber or enterprise and help ensure zero tool oversubscription across your infrastructure tools for a smooth digital transformation, whether it is just adopting NFV or SDN, or migrating from 4G/LTE to 5G/CUPS.

reduce costs

Reduce monitoring costs

tool oversubscription

Reduce or eliminate tool oversubscription


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