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Stop the Tool Sprawl

Strengthen your security posture, simplify IT and reduce costs.

Inline Bypass Protection

Maximize threat prevention, security and network resilience.

New: Top 10 Technology Trends

See why Gartner calls adaptive security architecture a top strategic technology trend.

Accelerate Threat Mitigation

Prevent, detect, predict and contain threats crossing your network more quickly.

It's security unscripted.

Straight talk on the hottest SOC topics — without the spin — from seasoned InfoSec professionals.

What We Do

Gigamon is the company driving the convergence of networking and security. We provide a new way of approaching security -- of making threats visible, deploying resources faster and maximizing the performance of your network and your security tools. Today’s approach must be integrated and intelligent, not just a collection of single-featured tools. Gigamon is the essential element that bonds with your entire network ecosystem to make it more resilient, more agile, more secure.

In short, we make the infrastructure you’ve engineered better.

Gigamon. The essential element of your security.

Gartner CARTA Strategic Report

Read why visibility through a CARTA approach is critical to securing digital business.

Key Tech Trends in 2018

CTO Shehzad Merchant analyzes a cybersecurity industry in transition.

New Approach to SSL Decryption

Learn the most effective way to expose hidden threats and malware.

The New Defender Lifecycle Model

Automate and accelerate threat identification and mitigation using the Defender Lifecycle Model.

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Enhance your existing network monitoring and security solutions.

Public Cloud

Lift, shift workloads.
Cut costs. Maximize margins.

Data Center and Virtualization

Have complete, virtualized digital transformation.

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Know how to optimize spend patterns of all your customers.