Gigamon maximizes performance of security and networking tools. We help organizations make threats more visible across their cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments. Our customers rely on us to help them be more agile and cut costs.

We provide a new way of approaching security in order to:

Make threats
more visible

resources faster

Maximize tool

I need visibility into network traffic for...

Security operations teams now face greater challenges in combatting cyberattacks due to insufficient time for threat inspection, the ever-increasing speed of network data and the vast number of attackers and resources available to breach defenses and propagate undetected across most networks.

Traditional defenses are increasingly ineffective and hampered by limited visibility into network traffic, extraordinary costs and reliance on manual processes to address incidents. A new approach to network security is needed. One that begins with the Defender Lifecycle Model.

Networks have become far more complex as the volume, speed and variety of data traversing them grows. Many IT teams have struggled to keep up with the speed of digital business, but as the digital transformation continues, the importance of visibility — knowing what is happening in the network and to applications — is critical.

The Gigamon Platform, a next-generation network packet broker, aggregates, filters and delivers the right traffic – in the right format, at the right speed and at the right time – to the appropriate network performance monitoring (NPM), application performance management (APM) and security tools. It maximizes processing power and enables faster resolution of any network or application performance issues. In short, it's a foundational element to helping network administrators resolve today's information overload challenge and keep pace with the speed of the network.

Public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) has obvious benefits – scalability, availability and elasticity to name a few. However, when it comes to cloud security and monitoring, it is often unclear who is responsible.

With the Gigamon solution, enterprises can extend their security posture to the public cloud and accelerate the time to detect threats to applications while taking advantage of a reliable, scalable and available cloud environment.

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