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VoIP Recorder

VoIP AnalysisCompliance, lawful intercept, increased security, verification and customer satisfaction are all reasons for any organization utilizing VoIP to record those sessions. VoIP recorders provide a history that can be played back at anytime for any reason.

Ideal for forensics applications and performance monitoring recorded VoIP sessions can be played back during criminal investigations or simply to confirm jitter or packet loss. Part of the difficulty in accurately capturing voice data is that often times phones aren’t associated with a VLAN or are on separate VLANs. So, in order to consistently gather RTP traffic connected to VoIP, multiple SPAN sessions are needed. 

The GigaVUE® family of products relieves this pain point by receiving multiple inputs from inline TAPs or SPAN/mirror ports and then aggregating, filtering and replicating those traffic streams out to one or multiple VoIP recorders. Gigamon offers solutions to optimize recorder effectiveness, lower network management cost, optimize tool efficiency, and centralizing resources.

Installing high-end VoIP recorders at every network crossroad is cumbersome and cost prohibitive. GigaVUE enables consolidation of multiple segments from the core, edge and datacenter into one stream connected to a single tool. The opposite is also true of Gigamon traffic visibility capabilities, a single connection can be sent to a farm of monitoring tools relieving cross department contention and eliminating the need for network Engineering Change Orders (ECOs).