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Unified Threat Management

Unified Threat ManagementThe Unified Threat Management (UTM) is a newly evolving comprehensive network and security appliance being deployed by organizations. It builds upon the traditional firewall with the capabilities to perform numerous security functions. These are in-line devices that are installed at the edge and carry out content filtering, analysis, load balancing, intrusion prevention and reporting. The flexibility of the UTM is saving money for organization by eliminating the need to purchase and deploy multiple boxes on different segments.

Being installed in-line between network devices and monitoring data as it traverses from one end-point to another has an inherent downside. If the device fails, needs to be moved or requires software maintenance the link has to be disconnected requiring network downtime. Downtime can translate into lost revenue, unsatisfied customers and reputation degradation for any company.

The revolutionary GigaVUE® product suite provides a more efficient, consolidated and cost-effective method for deploying UTM devices. With the GigaVUE modular-based TAP and bypass functionality, UTM devices can easily be deployed in a fault-tolerant configuration allowing IT teams to focus their efforts in other areas. Once the GigaVUE is in place the appliance can be connected, removed, powered-down or upgraded without any effect to the in-line link.

The modular based construction of GigaVUE Traffic Visibility Nodes also means that different topologies, data rates (10/100/1000Mbps through 10Gbps), and multiple bypass and TAP modules can be deployed simultaneously.