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Training Services

Gigamon TrainingThe GigaVUE® family of products provides unprecedented power and flexibility to solve complex problems. It closes the gap between your production network that produces the data and your monitoring tools that analyze the data. To learn how the GigaVUE can be configured to provide those benefits, Gigamon offers comprehensive training courses.

Attendees will experience hands-on configuration of maps, filters, stacks, etc. The course may be ordered as an onsite class or at Gigamon headquarters in Silicon Valley, California.

Course features include:

  • Mapping benefits, creation and usage
  • Filter benefits, creation and usage
  • Time saving and troubleshooting tips
  • Expanding from a single to multiple GigaVUE's
  • Maximizing performance of network management and security tools

To order a training at Gigamon headquarter or onsite (worldwide), please email:

Model Numbers:
TRN-000: One day GigaVUE product training, at Gigamon HQ
TRN-001: One day GigaVUE product training, at customer site
TRN-002: Extra day(s) GigaVUE product training at HQ or customer site
TRN-PRO: One day Professional Services on-site.  Price plus travel expenses per day