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Service Providers

Solution Overview

Mobile carriers are shifting the paradigm when it comes to communication, entertainment, banking, and business by paving the way to better, faster connections and new services. However the deluge of Big Data caused by the increasingly mobile workforce and the proliferation of smart devices and applications is requiring that carriers not only be able to handle the associated bandwidth and speeds, but to also have a solution that can enable the efficient management and monitoring of this rising volume of data.

Carriers are looking to stem ARPU-per-bit reduction. With the advent of new Customer Experience Management (CEM) tools, Big Data gives carriers the opportunity to harness the data flowing over their pipes to:

  • Improve quality of experience (QoE) and performance for their customers
  • Gain insights into services monetization
  • Achieve operational efficiencies

Gigamon provides the architecture and intelligence for mobile operators to create a monitoring infrastructure that is designed for the new era of Big Data. Gigamon comprehensively solves Big Data by:

  • Reducing the burden of Big Data by optimizing the traffic before it is routed
    to the tool
  • Increasing tool effectiveness helps to overcome the burgeoning ingress traffic
  • Converges the gap between the rising traffic tide and what tools can process today

Architecture Advantages

Volume, port-density, and scale are combined to create an agnostic monitoring infrastructure that connects the right analytical tools to the appropriate large or bonded pipes. Tool trials are streamlined, new tools can easily be added or removed, and uptime is protected while downtime is prevented with a solution that is outside the production network providing pervasive visibility.

  • Volume: From 10Gb and 40Gb to 100Gb, Gigamon solutions address the rising volume of data that service providers are facing.

  • Port Density: Highly port-dense 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb, and 100Gb solutions facilitate connections with all processing taking place over the built-in backplane to allow for enhanced tool integration features, filtering, and load balancing across tool ports.

  • Scale: Carrier-grade, GigaVUE H Series chassis-based solutions with a modular design and interconnecting nodes creates a Visibility Fabric™ architecture that can offer considerable ROI savings and a platform on which to build a monitoring infrastructure that can address today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

  • Agnostic Platform: An agnostic platform combines the power of a Visibility Fabric architecture with best-of-breed monitoring solutions for customer experience management, network performance, security, troubleshooting, application analysis, forensics and compliance.


Feature Advantages

Advanced filtering and packet manipulation reduce the the amount of data arriving at each tool while ensuring that the data is formatted precisely for the tool’s consumption. Each tool is optimized by not needing to parse the incoming stream or waste processor cycles on non-relevant data so it can focus on the more important task of data analysis.

  • GigaSMART® Packet Modification: Modify, manipulate and transform monitored data packets such that it is exactly what your tools need to see. No more wasted parsing or hand formatting—just data suited to each connected tool.



  • Flow Mapping® Technology: Reduce the total amount of traffic going into each tool, as well as load balance across tools to avoid oversubscription and extend the life of your tools.

GigaSMART Apps

In today’s Big Data Era, volume, port density and scale is not enough. Effective monitoring of Big Data calls for the reduction in the amount of traffic in a large pipe to make it more suitable to connect to an existing speed tool, at 1Gb or 10Gb.

  • FlowVUE Application: Breakthrough active subscriber aware flow sampling that transforms “Big Data into Manageable Data.” This method takes the network traffic flowing through the large pipes, and controls the volume of data being forwarded to the tools—faithfully reproducing the data on a smaller scale, retaining its stageful condition with session awareness. This can reduce the stress on the attached tools from the Big Data traffic volume crunch and maximize effectiveness by shifting computationally complex GTP processing down to the visibility layer.

  • GTP Correlation: Tool vendors can remove the headache and loss of analytic processing capability by offloading the GTP Correlation function to the Visibility Fabric layer. Carriers feed correctly correlated GTP-c and GTP-u to the tools layer, simplifying cost and inter-connection complexity from your network. Get one step closer to monetizing the data in your transport and backhaul links.

    GTP Packet Fragmentation Support: The addition of GTP headers often cause packet fragmentation across a network, resulting in the attached tools having to wait for each and all fragments to arrive before the packet can be processed. Often packet fragments may reach the wrong tool as the initial routing information is only included in the header of the first fragment. Gigamon’s GTP packet fragment-aware capability resolves this issue, ensuring all fragments of a flow are forwarded to the same tool in a stateful manner.