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Protocol Analysis

Protocol AnalysisIn the world of network security and monitoring, a protocol analyzer is a stand-alone hardware device or software running on a PC that can be deployed in a network to enhance protection against malicious activity. These devices can troubleshoot poor network performance, provide detailed information about recent activity, detect unusual packets, identify IP sources or destinations, trigger user-enabled alarms, monitor bandwidth consumption and display statistics via a control panel.

A tool for identifying and analyzing network problems is vital in today’s communication rich environment. Protocol analyzers enable technicians to ensure that systems and the network function according to specifications.

Gigamon offers a solution to optimize the effectiveness of analyzer deployments by optimizing tool efficiency for maximum ROI and centralizing and consolidating resources; thus lowering total network management cost. The GigaVUE family of products can do this by receiving multiple inputs from inline TAPs or SPAN/mirror ports and then aggregating, filtering and replicating those traffic streams out to an analyzer.

Installing high-end analyzers at every network crossroad is cumbersome and cost prohibitive. GigaVUE® allows them to consolidate multiple segments from the core, edge and data center into one “pipe” connected to a single tool. Conversely, a single connection can be sent to a farm of protocol analyzers relieving cross department contention and eliminating the need for network Engineering Change Orders (ECOs).