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Filter Packets on IP Address, Port Ranges, VLAN ID's, Protocols, MAC addresses and more...

Traffic Visibility Networking

Packet FilteringPacket filtering and distribution is where GigaVUE's real power is on display. GigaVUE® intelligently decides how traffic arriving on network ports should be sent to tool ports. User defined policies determine which traffic should be forwarded, where it should be sent, and how it should be handled once it arrives.

Set either or both hardware based (near zero latency) pre-filters and post-filters on individual ports. Filters allow or deny traffic that meets specified user-defined criteria, including IP address and port ranges, VLAN ID's, protocols, application ports, MAC addresses, TCP ports, ect.

  • Ingress and egress filtering options
  • Pre-filters are filters applied on a network port
  • Post-filters are filters applied on a tool port