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Monitoring Tool Deployment

Monitoring Tool DeploymentA combination of out-of-band traffic visibility switching plus passive monitoring instrumentation to enable security, forensics review, application performance, VoIP QoS, uptime and other network management tasks are a required part of a compliant network infrastructure. Implementing a Traffic Visibility Networking methodology with the GigaVUE® appliance is an industry best-practice for getting traffic of interest to the monitoring and security tools that need to see all of the packets traversing the network.

Monitoring tools are used for a variety of reasons, but in order to work effectively, these devices need to have access and visibility to all of the data flowing between connections. Gigamon® introduced the GigaVUE appliances to the market for just this reason. The following links will provide you with insight into how monitoring access can efficiently be accomplished when using monitoring tools in tandem with a Gigamon Traffic Visibility Network.

Application Performance Monitor  >

Forensic Recorder  >

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems  >

Protocol Analyzer  >

Unified Threat Management  >

VoIP Recorder  >