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Gigamon | Government Agencies

Government agencies have the unparalleled challenge of protecting information as a matter of national security. Threats to government networks have increased exponentially with no indication that this trend will slow. IT network and security teams at the federal, state, and local levels are responsible for responding rapidly to incidents, keeping systems operational, monitoring for malicious material and information, and maintaining confidentiality.

The ability for IT teams to respond quickly to events and analyze traffic is quintessential to compliance and maintaining complete visibility of incidents in the world of cyber warfare. The Gigamon Traffic Visibility Network is methodology that aggregates, filters and replicates multiple flows to numerous monitoring and security tools simultaneously. To protect against unauthorized access and links going down, Gigamon has implemented the most efficient SNMP traps and Syslog event notifications in the industry. Some events causing traps include user authentication, system resets/reboots, firmware upgrades and GigaVUE® module swap-outs.

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Government agencies deploy numerous monitoring tools including forensic and protocol analyzers, VoIP and traffic recorders, performance appliances, and intrusion prevention/detection systems. Because so many of these networks carry classified or privileged information where knowledge of the data needs to be constantly policed, Gigamon introduced packet masking into its repertoire. Packet masking effectively hides information form view by writing over hex strings in the payload effectively guarding against internal threats and concealing secret data. Ensuring that these devices are all able to cost-effectively see the same data traversing from the access layer to data center without causing oversubscription or downtime is mission-critical.

Once connected to network links or SPAN/mirror ports, the GigaVUE® appliance ensures controlled delivery of the traffic of interest to any or many monitoring and security appliances. Users have the ability to customize their connections by forwarding intact or filtered traffic from a single link to multiple tools, multicasting several links to a single tool or with any combination of network-to-tool deployments. Gigamon also protects unauthorized access of critical data by enabling multiple alarms that trigger when any existing connection is disturbed or unauthorized access to empty network ports is attempted.