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The GigaVUE-212 is an entry level Traffic Visibility Node which aggregates, multicasts, filters and divides traffic flows across multiple passive monitoring tools at a fraction of the cost of similar devices. The switch supports twelve 1GE ports and two 10GE ports with an optional expansion module for support of another four 1GE failover protected ports.

The GigaVUE-212 is ideal for data centers and enterprises either requiring a low-cost option in order to enhance network monitoring for the first time, or have areas of the networks where lower port counts are needed to support comprehensive monitoring.

With support for plug-in of multiple out-of-band tools, the GigaVUE-212 enables enterprises and data centers to connect any tool to any data stream simultaneously.

Number of 10Gbps Ports:   (2) SFP+

Number of 1Gbps Ports:     (8) SFP

*Optional expansion module: additional (4) 1Gbps ports.

 Features & Benefits

  • Any-to-Any connectivity
  • Aggregate 10G links to 1G or 10G tools
  • Intelligently filter via the G-VUE web GUI or CLI
  • Replicate traffic to multiple tools
  • Solutions for monitoring asynchronously routed traffic


  • Share span ports among multiple IT teams
  • Filter and customize data flow to each monitoring tool
  • Divide large loads across multiple monitoring appliances
  • Aggregate multiple links to multiple monitoring tools

GigaVUE-212 ordering numbers:

  • GVS-212: 8x1Gig copper or SFP and 2x10Gig SFP+ port, w/ Citrus and CLI, single AC power
  • GVS-213: 8x1Gig copper or SFP and 2x10Gig SFP+ port, w/ Citrus and CLI, single DC power

GigaVUE-212 modules:

  • PRT-202: GigaPORT copper or optical 4-port expansion module
  • TAP-101: GigaTAP-TX-D copper tap module, 2 taps per module
  • TAP-141: GigaTAP-BPC-D In-Line, One-to-Many, Bypass Tap, Copper, 1Gig