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GigaVUE-212 Bypass TAP ModuleThe GigaTAP-BPC-D is a 10/100/1000 copper bypass tap module for the GigaVUE-212 that supports the integration of an inline tool such as an IPS, firewall, or DPI device. It offers both active and passive bypass protection to the inline tools. This integration allows checking against false positives or false negatives brought by the connected tool. The GigaVUE-212 can host one GigaTAP-BPC-D module.

The GigaTAP-BPC-D monitors link status of ports connected to the inline tool. A link down event will trigger an active by-pass failover. In the event of a power failure; the GigaVUE, relays will close to achieve a passive bypass state to both connected end points.

Heartbeat packets are sent through the inline tool to check against any failure to the tool. The heartbeat packets are sent in either direction or in both directions at the same time to provide statistics available via the CLI or Citrus GUI.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate tool failure on inline network links
  • Protect network connections from appliance failure
  • Heartbeat packet ensures inline tool status


  • Monitor data from inline links with security and application monitoring tools
  • Failsafe insertion of inline IPS security devices
  • Failsafe insertion of Layer 7 firewalls and inline NAC devices

GigaTAP-BPC-D model numbers:

  • TAP-141: GigaTAP-BPC-D In-Line, Bypass TAP, Copper, 10/100/1000Mbps