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Forensic Recorder

Forensic RecorderIn order to fulfill CALEA, MITA, ETSI and similar data capture requirements in the event that forensic analysis needs to occur, organizations are turning to network recorders. These are vital to lawful interception, data mining, network investigations, and compliance. Network recorders provide storage and unaffected viewpoints of traffic that can be used to investigate any problem exactly as it happened.

Ideal for data recovery and network forensics applications, network recorders are critical to incident response operations and policy compliance investigations. They eliminate the need to recreate problems, rapidly decreasing resolution time. A recording tool for storing, identifying, and analyzing network problems is fundamental in today’s network architectures.

Gigamon offers solutions to optimize network recorder effectiveness by lowering total network management cost, optimizing tool efficiency for maximum ROI, and centralizing and consolidating resources. The GigaVUE® family of products does this by receiving multiple inputs from inline TAPs or SPAN/mirror ports and then aggregating, filtering and replicating those traffic streams out to one of multiple forensic recorders.

Installing high-end recorders at every network crossroad is cumbersome and cost prohibitive. GigaVUE Traffic Visibility Nodes enable virtualization of multiple segments from the core, edge and datacenter into one stream connected to a single tool. The opposite is also true of Gigamon traffic visibility capabilities, a single connection can be sent to a farm of monitoring tools relieving cross department contention and eliminating the need for network Engineering Change Orders (ECOs).