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Network infrastructure for Financial Services is about lightning-fast transaction processing and the ability to maintain performance during unpredictable globally based traffic spikes. Increases in network demands, like application availability, integrated market feeds, virtualization, (PCI) Payment Card Industry compliance and high-volume transactions challenge traditional approaches to network architecture. Newer financial regulation requirements add further complexity to these high speed low latency network architectures.

Gigamon created the Traffic Visibility Fabric (TVF) to enable network and security monitoring appliances by aggregating, filtering and replicating traffic of interest at line-rate to one or multiple monitoring and security tools. When accurate tracking of trade extinction venues between firms is paramount, Gigamon offers time-stamping capabilities built into the GigaSMART® module. Time-stamping is imperative to successfully monitoring packets with nanosecond resolution for market based trades during a constant barrage of high-volume financial transactions.Financial Application Diagram

GigaVUE-212  >     GigaVUE-420  >     GigaVUE-2404  >     Network TAP  >

Gigamon Intelligent Traffic Visibility Fabric (TVF) delivers these capabilities with the industry’s lowest latency and minimal delay across multiple data feeds. The ability for financial based IT teams to accurately analyze granular data and maintain peak performance directly correlates to minimal network downtime and increased revenue. Any downtime or lack of processing speed can cost millions of dollars in lost business. GigaVUE® enables finance industry networks by sending only the traffic specific monitoring tools need to ensure performance, security, compliance and availability.