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Educational Institutions

EducationResearch facility and university IT network and security teams must implement measures that secure and enhance the performance of networks. More learning institutions than ever before are using the web as a part of their academic curriculum. Students and instructors alike need reliable access to the latest learning tools that drive innovation and foster their competitive edge.

IT departments at universities and research institutions deploy and maintain complicated infrastructures that encompass a wide range of servers, switches, routers, firewalls and applications supporting virtual classrooms and on-demand resources. These teams also need to prevent malicious downloading, P2P and BitTorrant file transfers to prevent unlawful distribution of copyrighted material. Mobile students, wireless access points and Web 2.0 devices add further monitoring challenges in guarding against data leakage threats where research, grant and student information can become compromised.

Gigamon provides a hardware solution that enhances monitoring appliance capabilities that help educational facilities by allowing monitoring tools to receive aggregated, filtered and replicated traffic from multiple connections. Additionally, Gigamon devices lower the overall cost of network management by allowing 1Gbps tools to receive 10Gbps traffic greatly improving tool ROI. Once in place on network segments or SPAN/mirror ports in the core, edge, datacenter or distribution layer, Gigamon enables learning institutions to gain secure access and complete visibility of critical data by duplicating or splitting complete or filtered data-flows and sessions to one or a pool of monitoring appliances.

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