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Data Center Monitoring

Data CenterEnterprise Network Integrity
Gigamon®, the leading provider of intelligent traffic visibility, ensures network integrity including performance, security and compliance by enabling your monitoring tools to operate at maximum efficiency.

Gigamon offers a superior alternative to managing distributed, oversubscribed monitoring tools and at the same time protect the investment already made in these tools. Connect to a SPAN port or TAP into high speed 1GbE or 10GbE core links. Through a smart filtering capability, GigaVUE delivers selected traffic to any and all tools connected to our device at full line rate.


  1. Save CapEx and OpEx monitoring budgets by doing more with less. Aggregate several high speed connections and send specific traffic to a consolidated and secure tool farm.
  2. Monitor critical traffic from 10GbE ports with 1GbE tools.
  3. Make peace between Security and IT engineers. Solve the contention for SPAN ports or TAPs when multiple tools share the same data.
  4. Eliminate engineering change order delays. Provide a very secure out-of-band “data socket” that allows flexibility in connecting and disconnecting tools in a production environment without waiting for maintenance windows.
  5. Connect ANY tool to ANY traffic, at ANY time. TAP into several network segments simultaneously and provide many network and security engineers their own secure “sand box.”

Eliminate TAP & SPAN Port Contention
Immediately solve the constant contention between the IT team, security team and compliance team. Enable engineers to deploy monitoring tools at will.

Secure Solution
Traffic Visibility Networking (TVN) provides a managed and secure alternative to monitoring ports:

  • Local access over the serial console port.
  • Remote network access using Telnet or 128-bit encrypted SSH2 over a gigabit ethernet management port.
  • Multi-level user controlled access.
  • TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting are supported.
  • Port locking restricts individual users only to authorized ports.
  • Sys-log, SNMP traps and queries supported