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Application Performance Monitoring

Application MonitoringIn an effort to increase productivity, decrease liability threats and reduce bandwidth consumption, organizations are deploying web monitoring appliances to restrict internet access. Blocking the workforce from potentially harmful IM, P2P, Email, pornography, Spyware, and web-spawned malware is done by placing an appliance in-line at the network edge. Once configured web monitoring devices blacklist certain internet based user activities. But, placing a device in-line creates a potential point of failure which undermines the initial reason to monitor web traffic… increased productivity.

Monitoring is also critical for corporate web sites to validate on-line transactions are running smoothly. On-line sales, banking, and download traffic runs many businesses today. Customer experience is a critical element to evaluate and monitor. If traffic slows or is even momentary halted, millions of dollars of revenue is lost as customers exit to competitive sites.

The Gigamon solution optimizes the effectiveness of tool deployments by lowering total network management cost and centralizing and consolidating resources. The GigaVUE® family of Traffic Visibility Nodes does this by receiving multiple inputs from inline TAPs or SPAN/mirror ports and then aggregating, filtering and replicating those traffic streams out to a single tool or an entire appliance farm. Web monitoring devices can do the job intended without becoming a point of failure, ensuring productivity, performance and limited compliance liability.