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Gigamon Touts High-Availability Traffic Visibility

Gigamon makes devices for capturing, concentrating and distributing the traffic flows between network devices and the large variety of access tools for these traffic sources, such as security systems and diagnostic monitors. The company has announced two new always-on products in its G-TAP A Series of access TAPs. The G-TAP-ATX model can provide high availability in a datacenter environment. Gigamon's high-availability offerings are based on
architectures that also support high-speed performance.

The 451 take
In retrospect, intelligent access TAPs aren't genius-level inventions. The hard part for a
vendor is to keep developing and implementing features as the other sub-geniuses catch up to the most recent bundle of novel elements. The engineering-oriented companies that make these types of products often want all of their employees to be engineers, even the salespeople and marketers. Gigamon has managed to keep ahead of the pack in most respects, creating partnerships with device and tool vendors, making inroads with service providers as well as with enterprise datacenter customers, and establishing distribution beyond North America.