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10Gbps Support

10 Gigabit SupportThe GigaVUE-2404 and GigaVUE-420 allow 1GbE or 10GbE network tools to monitor 10GbE traffic. By mapping or load dividing 10GbE traffic to one or multiple 1GbE tools, you can fully leverage your tool investments. Similarly 10/100 Ethernet tools can also be used to effectively monitor 1GbE links. At the same time traffic can be sent to 10GbE monitoring tools. GigaVUE-420 supports SPAN or TAP inputs, allowing for simultaneous tapping of two or more full duplex links.

  • Aggregate multiple 1GbE network ports to 10GbE tool port.
  • Split out 10GbE network port to multiple 1 GbE tool ports.
  • 10Gb ports in x1/x2 slots can be used for stacking multiple GigaVUE-420 systems.

Traffic arrives from different sources at the network ports and is forwarded to different tools connected to tool ports. Traffic arriving at a single network port can be sent to multiple destination tool ports. Filters can be applied to network and tool ports. Filters applied to network ports are pre-filters and filters applied to the tool ports are post-filter